5 Hashtag Hacks To Secure Likes On Every Instagram Post

Hashtags- a # symbol followed by words, names, phrases, and slogans to help increase visibility and allow for discoverable and more relative content for the viewer.

How can these abbreviated descriptives lead you to more likes and more relevant followers?

  1. More is Not Always Merrier

Contrary to popular belief, using tons of hashtags does not always lead to an increased number of likes or new followers. Hashtags need to be extremely relevant to the posted content and properly represent any images or ads posted. Hashtags that make sense are the ones that will create the most wanted traffic by you and your brand. The purpose of these tags and putting  thought behind them, is not necessarily to be seen by a lot of people but rather to be seen by the “right” people. The goal is to reach out to an audience that cares about your content and/or will help put your message out there.

  1. Using Already Influential Hashtags Relevant to Your Industry

Being aware of individuals that are considered “influencers” within your scope or area of interest is essential in knowing what your target audience likes and what they are already responding to. Creating new and innovative, unused hashtags in great but sometimes is simple and highly effective to “piggy back” off of infamous and widely promoted hashtags that will bring impactful attention to your posting!

  1. Be Specific

Using extremely general hashtags like:  #travel #makeup , will only place you and your brand among a sea of aimless content, making your posts hard to find. The more specific or “niche” your hashtag is, the more likely the chance of gaining quality engagement and a more desirable audience will be. For example, if you are a freelancer looking for local clients and potential new business, placing the name of your city in front of the type of work you do, will likely get you more of the traffic you hope for.  #atlantagraphicdesign  #palmbeachmua  #chicagoweddingsinger

  1. Always Double Check Your Hashtags

Before using a hashtag and connecting it to your brand, make sure you investigate what appears when you search it. Sometimes a hashtag make have a double meaning or be associated with something you aren’t aiming for. It is always best to double check and do some research before posting and making an unwanted commitment. The last thing you want to do is confuse your target audience or offend anyone.

  1. Use Location Tagging in Conjunction with Hashtags

Instagram posts that utilize a location tag in combination with hashtags will receive much more engagement, and the kind you want! You should make sure that the location tag properly aligns with your hashtag and ensure that it embodies the right balance between being general yet specific. For example, rather than location tagging the exact street address of the post, pair it with the hashtag used:  location: southmiami  with  hashtag: #southmiamirestaurants

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