How Medical Professionals Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

A physician’s reputation can be defined in many ways: word of mouth, Yelp and Google reviews, and marketed patient testimonials. But what if there were a way to reach potential patients faster and more effectively?

Utilizing social media as a marketing tool, provides doctors with a more cost effective and manageable way to market to future clientele and maintain an admirable reputation.

One of the biggest doctor “pet peeves” is the use of Google to try and identify a medical diagnosis. It is the cultural expectation of the millennial generation to find answers through the web and find them quickly. This common practice habit is not only dangerous to the patient in terms of faulty diagnosis, but also discredits reputations and knowledge of actual physicians.

Rather than losing patients to the infamous “Google MD”, why not get ahead of the inquiries and establish a presence on social? As a physician, being plugged into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blog spaces will not only promote relevance but also effectively target prospective patients and enhance outreach.

Using Frequent Photos and Visual Appeal

Utilizing intriguing visuals and promoting a healthy lifestyle, along with “behind the scenes” posts of the practice, helps make medical professionals more relatable to the every day person. Followers and patients are able to get a glimpse of who their doctor is before committing to appointments or long term care.

Dr. Mike has an astounding 3 million plus followers. He uses his active lifestyle, love for animals, and attractive demeanor to his advantage by allowing followers and potential patients to access a “live look-in” to his day to day.

Using Informative Video Q&A Sessions

What’s better than speaking one on one with your physician? The answer is watching live video feeds, recorded informative sessions, and interactive webinars. Creating a YouTube channel that allows patients to learn more about both ailments and preventative wellness will establish a congenial comradery.

Dr. Howard Luks uses the Youtube platform very strategically by releasing informative videos addressing crucial and common questions that he hears from patients on a regular basis. This provides him with the opportunity to familiarize a large audience with his knowledge, dedication to his practice, and use of short but entertaining video clips to answer common medical inquiries.

Linking Patients to Helpful Information

Posting on platforms like Twitter will provide soon-to-be clients with abbreviated facts and links to helpful information. The benefit to linking articles, medical journals, and wellness information is in demonstrating a sense of collaboration. Future patients love to know that their physician is well-informed on trends, medical mythbusters, and updated treatments.

Dr. Kim fosters a very curated feed by posting informative content and links to various medical case studies and other physician’s social accounts. He is not afraid to promote other medical professionals that are making responsible choices and doing the most for their patients.

Overall, utilizing social media as a tool to increase outreach and patient interest provides an unsurpassed competitive advantage above traditional practices. Showing the modern patient that a medical office and its staff have the ability to be more than just unapproachable “white coats” full of knowledge, will communicate relevance and attentiveness.

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